• Looking to celebrate Thailand’s New Year, Songkran, with the most fun and excitement? Then Chiang Mai might be the perfect spot for you!
  • Compared to popular places like Bangkok and Phuket, Chiang Mai throws the biggest and wettest Songkran party every year. This year, it’s happening from April 13th to 15th, 2024, so get ready to get soaked!
  • Most tourists think Tha Phae Gate is the best place in Chiang Mai to celebrate Songkran. However, Chiang Mai offers more than just one amazing spot for Songkran. This article will tell you more tricks.
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It’s Songkran time again! Aka the Thai New Year. Buckle up, because this ain’t your average water fight – it’s the wildest, wettest celebration you’ll ever experience, all while cooling off during Thailand’s fiery hot season.

Sure, Songkran throws down across the country, but Chiang Mai does it like nowhere else. Here, ancient traditions and epic water battles become one. It’s a cultural symphony, conducted by the rhythm of laughter and splashing!

For generations, Songkran has been Thailand’s vibrant heartbeat. Families reunite, blessings are sought at temples, merit is made – all beautiful parts of the celebration.

But let’s be real, the real magic unfolds when the streets morph into battlegrounds of joyful mayhem! Buckets, water guns, even elephants with super-soakers – it’s a technicolor water war that explodes like a dream.

So, if you’re looking for more than just a water fight, Chiang Mai is your answer. Immerse yourself in the cultural richness, witness the serenity of religious ceremonies, and then, with a whoop, dive headfirst into the refreshing chaos!

This article will tell you THE BEST PLACES in Chiang Mai you must go for the most fun and joyful 2024 Songkran celebration.

Songkran celebrations have transformed from a tradition of gentle water pouring to the epic water fights the festival is famous for today.

Despite the epic water fights that grab the spotlight, Songkran is at its heart a religious and spiritual festival. In Chiang Mai, you get the unique opportunity to experience both sides.

Songkran in Chiang Mai is more than just an epic water fight. The festive atmosphere explodes with vibrant mini-concerts by local artists and DJs, alongside other cultural performances that will leave you breathless.

The festival officially spans three days, from April 13th to 15th, but in Chiang Mai, festivities can start early and extend a few days beyond.

1. Tha Phae Gate

Tha Phae Gate is the most popular place in Chiang Mai for Songkran’s celebration. Imagine the biggest party in Chiang Mai! That’s what Songkran feels like at Tha Phae Gate, the grand entrance to the Old City. This giant square is always the main spot for celebrations and fun activities with a big stage set up ready for exciting events.

There will be parades with beautiful floats and people in traditional clothes. There’s even a contest to choose the prettiest person – the Miss Songkran beauty pageant!

But the best part? Everyone has water guns and buckets, ready for a giant water fight! It’s a friendly battle, so get ready to laugh and get soaked. It’s like a refreshing shower under the hot Thai sun!

The giant square in front of Tha Phae Gate, the grand entrance to Chiang Mai’s Old City, is all dressed up for a party.

On April 13th witness a majestic procession of Buddha statues winds its way from San Pa Koi Intersection, past the iconic Tha Phae Gate before culminating at the magnificent Wat Phra Singh temple.

2. Old City Moat

The Old City Moat is the best place for Songkran celebration in Chiang Mai for the locals and the adventurous travelers seeking truly wild and wet experience because this is the ultimate Songkran splash zone.

Chiang Mai’s Songkran takes the “wet” to a whole new level! And the secret weapon? The ancient Old City moat! Forget rationing your water supply – here, it’s a free-for-all soak fest! Dive right in and experience the exhilarating chaos of a traditional Songkran water battle. Be prepared to get absolutely drenched!

Pack your swimsuit, your sense of adventure, and get ready for the wildest water fight of your life! Chiang Mai’s Songkran is calling!

It’s a chaotic, exhilarating spectacle, and you’re guaranteed to get soaked from head to toe – but hey, that’s part of the fun!

Just remember to choose your location wisely. For a more energetic crowd armed with water guns and buckets, consider basing your operations near Chang Phueak Gate (the North Gate) or Chiang Mai Gate (the South Gate). These areas are notorious hotspots for Songkran revelry, guaranteeing a front-row seat to the watery mayhem.

Don’t worry if you come unprepared – vendors line the streets with an arsenal of water weaponry, from the classic squirt gun to the latest super soaker that could probably put out a small fire. Pro tip: Grab a waterproof phone case and a healthy dose of playfulness – this ain’t a spectator sport!

Locals and seasoned travelers often favor the moat over Tha Phae Gate for its intense water fights and a more traditional Songkran.

Pick up trucks parade through the streets, their passengers unleashing refreshing (or mischievous!) torrents on anyone within range.

No need to worry about coming unarmed. Here, you’ll find a dazzling arsenal of water guns ready to unleash their watery fury.

3. Temples

Songkran is much more than just a giant pool party. It’s actually the Thai New Year, a deeply religious and spiritual festival celebrated according to the Theravada Buddhist calendar.

Chiang Mai shines as the perfect place to experience this unique blend of tradition and revelry. This city boasts an abundance of historical temples, majestic structures densely scattered throughout the urban landscape. During Songkran, these temples transform into tranquil oases amidst the joyous chaos.

Step inside a temple and witness a beautiful ritual called “Song Nam Phra”. Devotees, both Thai and foreign, participate in a symbolic act of purification. Scented water is gently poured onto the Buddha images, not on the head but on the torso and body. It represents the washing away of negativity and bad luck from the past year, paving the way for a fresh start in the New Year.

Participating in this ritual is a chance to experience Songkran on a deeper level, to connect with the cultural and spiritual significance of the festival. It’s a moment of peace and reflection amidst the vibrant water battles outside.

In between April 12th to 16th, you may visit the following temples in Chiang Mai:

  1. Wat Sri Suphan i.e. The Silver Temple
  2. Wat Pa Pao
  3. Wat Lam Chang
  4. Wat Phan On
  5. Wat Chiang Man
  6. Wat Yang Kuang

4. MAYA Chiang Mai

Get ready to double down on the Songkran fun! MAYA Lifestyle Shopping Center, located on the vibrant Nimmanhaemin Street, is throwing a 5-day mini-concert extravaganza called “My Splash Party 2024”.

This mini-concert series kicks off in the late afternoon and rages on until midnight, promising a nonstop dose of music, merriment, and of course, water!

While Nimmanhaemin Street might be less chaotic than the Old City moat for water fights, it doesn’t mean you can leave your water gun at home! Expect the party to be a glorious, soaking wet free-for-all, with the music pumping and the crowds dancing to the rhythm of the water splashing.

The party kicks off in the late afternoon on April 12th and runs wild – in the best way possible – until midnight every night for five days straight, all the way to the 16th.

5. WATERWAR Chiang Mai

Get ready for the wildest party in Northern Thailand – Water War Chiang Mai 2024! This giant music festival takes Songkran to a whole new level, making it the undisputed champion of water fun.

Held right at Central Chiang Mai Airport on Saturday, April 13th, the festival throws you into a thrilling mix of top tier Thai artists performing live. Not just any stage, mind you! This one boasts dazzling light shows, mind-blowing visuals, and the real star of the show: enormous water effects that tower over 20 meters high!

Come dance to the music, feel the refreshing water spray, and lose yourself in the vibrant atmosphere. No matter where you stand in the crowd, prepare to get soaked, because it’s all part of the fun at Water War Chiang Mai.

Water War Chiang Mai 2024 is the perfect mix of music, water fun, and cultural immersion.

This epic event, held at Central Chiang Mai Airport on Saturday, April 13th, is the undisputed champion of water music festivals in the region.

Get ready for incredible stage productions, stunning lights and colors, lasers, and cool computer graphics. It’s a sensory overload in the best way possible!

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