Elephant Carer Home (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

Posted by Elephant Carer Home on Thursday, 10 July 2014

Elephant Carer Home is located in a small village at Mae Tang, which is around one-hour driving distance from Chiang Mai city. It is surrounded by peaceful jungle which makes it a perfect habitat for the elephants.
At Elephant Carer Home, you will experience the life of a mahout (the elephant trainer) where you will be learning voice command and develop a relationship with the elephants. You will enjoy an amazing experience of the closest interaction you can ever have with the elephants.
Elephant Carer Home Enjoy Intimate Moment with Elephant
At Elephant Carer Home, you can feed, play, ride and bath an elephant. You will be given special clothes and learn how to mount the elephant bared-back with no seat attached. The elephants here are controlled by voice command by their trainer.
You and your elephant will be trekking down the jungle paths and crossing rivers riding on their back. You can choose no riding if you don’t feel comfortable with it. There will be a photographer taking photos during your interaction with the elephants at no additional charge.
Elephant Carer Home Bathing in River

Elephant Carer Home – Tour Details

What is included in this tour?
Transportation to the elephant home (and back to your hotel), drinking water, lunch is provided, English speaking tour guide, and they also take photographs of you during the tour (at no additional charge).
What do I need to bring?
Swimming suit (you will get wet), slipper, sun protection, and mosquito repellent.
How long is the tour?
Elephant Carer Home
offers Half Day and Full Day tour. It is better to book your tour with them at least one day before your desired date.
How to book my tour and go there?
You can book directly on their website, or contact them by phone call or in Facebook (see next page for contact info). Or you may book with the staff at your hotel/guesthouse as most hotel/guesthouse in Chiang Mai city sell tours and travel packages too.
Once confirmed, you will be informed about the time they will come to pick you up at your hostel/guesthouse. Remember to keep your receipt as the tour bus driver will want to check it before letting you on board.
Elephant Carer Home Selfie with Baby Elephant