The REAL Thai Kickboxing in Chiang Mai – 4 Stadiums To Watch Muay Thai Fights in Chiang Mai

Feb 17, 2024 | Muay Thai Boxing

Muay Thai is Thailand’s national sport that forms part of the country’s core culture. Like football in some European countries, Muay Thai fights are held almost daily at the Muay Thai stadiums scattered across the cities in Thailand.

Although Chiang Mai’s Muay Thai scenes may not be as big as in Bangkok (which hailed as the Muay Thai’s capital), it still offers thrilling and top-notch ring actions that attract not only the hardcore Muay Thai fans, but also tourist that is curious about watching an authentic Muay Thai fight just for the experience.

If you’re interested in seeing some Muay Thai actions, here are the 4 Muay Thai stadiums in Chiang Mai to catch Muay Thai fights:


Chiang Mai Boxing Stadium is quite new, started in 2016. The venue is purposedly built for Muay Thai, and it hosts many professional bouts. It is also the only fully-indoor Muay Thai stadium in Chiang Mai. 

At Chiang Mai Boxing Stadium, fights take place every day except Sunday, from 9.00pm till midnight. Normally there will be six bouts of matches each night, typically started off with the youth/beginner matches then progressively heavier-weight fights. Compared with the other Muay Thai stadium in Chiang Mai the facilities here are more professional, hence the higher ticket price. 

Tickets can be purchased at the door. There are three different ticket prices advertised i.e 600 Baht for the standard seat (grandstand seatings), 1000 Baht ringside-seat which comes with a free drink (beer or soft drink), and 1500 Baht VIP seat with unlimited drinks and free snacks besides the opportunity to take photo with the boxers inside the ring. 

Chiang Mai Boxing Stadium is the only fully-indoor Muay Thai arena in Chiang Mai. It’s purposely built for Muay Thai and has hosted many professional bouts.

Chiang Mai Boxing Stadium hosts high-level Muay Thai actions that attract enthusiastic Mua
y Thai fans. There’s often lots of blood, injuries, and knockouts. 

Chiang Mai Boxing Stadium is located at Santitham area, about 1km to the north of the Old City’s Chang Phueak Gate. Coming by taking a songthaew, or Grab is easy. There are several mookata (Thai steamboat) restaurants nearby, good place for dinner before going in the stadium. 


Thapae Boxing Stadium stands just beside Thapae Gate, one of the most famous landmarks of Chiang Mai. It is also the busiest Muay Thai stadium in Chiang Mai due to its location in the most bustling area of the city. 

Compared with Chiang Mai Boxing Stadium where the matches are more of serious Muay Thai fights, Thapae Boxing Stadium offers a more relaxed and fun atmosphere. Thapae Boxing Stadium hosts Muay Thai fights every day except Sunday, from 9.00pm till midnight. Normally there will be five or six matches daily, typically begin with fights with lower skill level and then progressively getting more ferocious seeing more blood and KOs.  

The ticket can be purchased at the door. There are three categories of ticket prices advertised i.e. 500 Baht for the standard seat, 800 Baht for ringside-seat, and 1500 Baht VIP seat inside a private AC room with unlimited drinks all night. If you buy online here the standard seat is for sale at only 400 Baht each (check availability here). 

At Thapae Boxing Stadium, fights take place every day except Sunday, from 9.00pm till midnight. Normally there will be 5 or 6 matches daily.

Watch the fighters get smashed in the face hard, blood and KOs. The fights are real, not faked Muay Thai actions. 

Due to a relatively easier accessibility and being situated near to the tourist area in the Old City area, Thapae Boxing Stadium is now a more popular spot with tourists. 

Among all Muay Thai stadiums in Chiang Mai, Thapae Boxing Stadium is the most popular with foreign tourists. The major reason is because of its location at Thapae Gate, which is one of the most bustling area in Chiang Mai. If you are staying anywhere inside the old city, or nearby, the stadium is easily accessible by just walking. You may buy your ticket here.


Anusarn Boxing Stadium, as its name implies, is located inside the bustling Anusarn Night Market at the Night Bazaar. If you want a great night out at a traditional night market with good bars, food and some Muay Thai actions then this is the place to go. 

Anusarn Boxing Stadium, as it name would suggest, is located inside the bustling Anusarn Night Market. A market showcasing over hundreds of stalls as well as plenty of choices of bars and places to eat all around it. The Muay Thai fight arena is a small setup with plastic chairs for audience surrounding the ring.  

Fights take place on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 9.00pm till midnight, and Friday from 8.00pm till midnight. No fights on Thursday and at the weekends. Ticket price is 500 Baht only, and it can be purchased at the entrance. 

Anusarn Boxing Stadium hosts Muay Thai fights every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Fight starts at 9.00pm. (8.00pm on Friday). 

The Muay Thai arena is a small setup inside Anusarn Night Market. The atmosphere is very relaxed, and you can walk around and have a spot up close to the action. 

To reach Anusarn Boxing Stadium, just go to Anusarn Night Market which is located just a stone throw away from the Night Bazaar. The area is probably the busiest place at night in the entire Chiang Mai city (except on Sunday). When the show’s over, or if you are feeling fatigue from watching too many fights, there’s a good selection of street food stalls outside the stadium. 


Loi Kroh Boxing Stadium is a fights arena surrounded by bars, restaurants, and a pool hall. It’s an indoor complex with more than just a Muay Thai centre.

Loi Kroh Boxing Stadium is a fight arena tucked between dozens of lively bars at Loi Kroh Road, which also known as Chiang Mai’s red-light district. The atmosphere here is a little different from the other Muay Thai stadiums but it certainly is an excellent place for beer and fights. This is the place where you will enjoy local food and drinks while watching Muay Thai actions happening in the ring.

At Loi Kroh Boxing Stadium fights take place tentatively Tuesday to Saturday (inconstant), from 8.45pm till midnight. Ticket price ranges from 400 Baht for the standard seat, to 600 Baht VIP seat. Ticket can be purchased at the door. 

Loi Kroh Boxing Stadium is more relaxed due to the environment surrounded by bars with a boxing ring in the middle. 

Loi Kroh Boxing Stadium isn’t just a Muay Thai Stadium but also a training camp for the Muay Thai enthusiast. If you are interested to learn Muay Thai, you may walk in to enquire for their training programmes in the day time. They are located at Loi Kroh Road, close to the famous Night Bazaar. 

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Get discounted ticket to watch Muay Thai fights at Thapae Boxing Stadium. Walking distance from the Old City and incredibly close to the Thapae Gate. This is where the majority of Chiang Mai visitors will come to watch Muay Thai.


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